Trekking in Himalayas:
India is a vast country with the Himalayan Range forming its northern boundary. Its climate and geography are complex, so when considering your trip you need to plan carefully where to go, when to go and what your budget is. The initial experience of India – the heat, the noise and the street life, the vibrant colours and the multitudes of people – may bewilder and exhaust the first – time visitor, but the country and its people are friendly and hospitable. Once you have spent some time here everything will fall into place, and you will be amply rewarded with your first glimpse of the Himalayan peaks, one of the most spectacular mountain ranges in the world. We offer specialized tour packages for Trekking in Himalayas . We have designed trips with you in mind – whether you are a novice with no trekking experience, but have a desire to trek or whether you are an experienced mountain walker looking for wider options.

Trekking in Uttaranchal:
TREKKING option in GARHWAL and KUMAUN is unlimited. They are not bound by any season. Hard, Medium or soft treks can be tired at any time of the year. We have a dedicate and experienced team of professionals who will provide the logistics support for all adventure activities and will a company you at all time to ensure your comfort and safety. Our equipment is of the finest quality food and lodging facilities are of high standerd.